AMA | Art Museum of the Americas of the OAS welcomes external proposals for exhibitions as well as educational and cultural outreach programming. This page outlines the requirements and procedures for presenting proposals to the museum for use within our various spaces. All programming must be in line with museum standards as well as combining values from the OAS mission and museum's mission. In short, all programming must feature or relate modern and contemporary art of emerging or established artists of the Americas with content that highlights OAS themes such as democracy, development, human rights, justice, freedom of expression, and innovation. Exhibitions incorporating the museum's collection must still illuminate these OAS themes, as well. All programming requires outside funding sources through sponsorships and donations. Once received, proposals go through our exhibition and programming approval mechanism to evaluate their potential, adherence to the mission, and that they meet our museum's production quality standards.

Questions about the process and finalized proposals should be completed as described below and submitted to aospinaj@oas.org.



In general, we solidify exhibitions in the museum two years in advance. When crafting proposals for museum exhibitions, this timeline should be taken into account. Our six galleries provide a total of approximately 3,000 square feet of exhibition space. Exhibitions either occupy both floors of the museum or a single floor - the first floor is three galleries and second floor is also three galleries. Proposals, which are reviewed by an evaluation committee, should include committed sponsors and donors. Please download our proposal submission guidelines by right clicking on the link and pressing "save link as": English form | Spanish Form. Submit completed proposals to aospinaj@oas.org



We always love to provide added educational programming to our events calendar. With the exception of fundraising events by the Friends of the Art Museum of the Americas, a non-profit organization dedicated to fundraising for AMA's programming, all our programming is free and open to the public. Just like an exhibition, programming proposals must be in line with the overall mission of the museum and adhere to OAS values. More information can be found through our education page and on our past events page. Please email aospinaj@oas.org directly.