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Lilia Carrillo and Manuel Felguérez of Mexico [Opening exhibition in remodeled gallery, OAS Building, March 2-20, 1960]
Contemporary Graphic Arts of Brazil [OAS Building, March 18-April 10, 1960]
Roser Muntañola: Oils, Ciro Oduber: Drawings* [OAS Building, April 13-May 10, 1960]
Mexican Paintings [OAS Building, April 18-May 8, 1960]
Three Women Painters of Colombia: Judith Márquez, Cecilia Porras, and Lucy Tejada [OAS Building, May 11-29, 1960]
Seventeen Painters of Argentina [OAS Building, May 31-June 14, 1960]
Antonio Toribio of the Dominican Republic: Sculpture [OAS Building, June 15-July 10, 1960]
3,000 Years of Colombian Art [Hall of the Americas, OAS Building, June 21-July 10, 1960]
Marcelo Grassmann of Brazil, Drawings and Prints* [OAS Building, July 12-31, 1960]
Marcelo Bonevardi and Fernando Mazza of Argentina: Paintings [OAS Building, August 1-22, 1960]
Virginia de Vera of Chile: Paintings [OAS Building, August 25-September 13, 1960]
Georges Liautaud of Haiti: Sculptures [OAS Building, September 15-October 5, 1960]
Ricardo Grau of Peru: Oils* [OAS Building, October 2-24, 1960]
Mario Pucciarelli of Argentina: Oils* [OAS Building, October 24-November 13, 1960]
Jan Schreuder of Ecuador: Collages [OAS Building, November 16-December 6, 1960]
Collages by Noemi Gerstein an Paintings by Franco Di Segni of Argentina [OAS Building, December 9, 1960-January 8, 1961]
Raices de la Paz (Roots of Peace): Mural by Carlos Páez Vilaró. Inauguration [Underground Tunnel connecting the OAS Main Building and the OAS Administration Building, December 25, 1960]

Alberto Dutary of Panama: Oils and Drawings* [OAS Building, January 9-31, 1961]
Marysole Worner of Mexico: Oils [OAS Building, February 1-22, 1961]
David Manzur of Colombia [OAS Building, February 23-March 16, 1961]
María Helena Andrés of Brazil: Pastels* [OAS Building, March 17-April 12, 1961]
Alfredo Da Silva of Bolivia: Paintings* [OAS Building, March 17-April 12, 1961]
The Colombo Press of Argentina: A Selection of First and de Luxe Editions [OAS Main Building, April 4-19, 1961]
Japanese Artists of the Americas: A Selection of Paintings by Kubotta, Peru; Mabe, Brazil; Nishizawa, Mexico; Okada, United States; Sakai, Argentina [OAS Building, April 12-May 10, 1961]
Two Photographic Essays by Alfredo Testoni of Uruguay* [OAS Building, April 13-May 28, 1961]
Joaquín Torres-García (1874-1949) of Uruguay [OAS Building, April 19-May 15, 1961]
Rodolfo Mishaan of Guatemala: Paintings [OAS Building, May 11-June 4, 1961]
Jorge Damiani of Uruguay: Paintings [OAS Building, June 5-27, 1961]
Omar Rayo of Colombia: Paintings [OAS Building, June 28-July 23, 1961]
Gina Prado of Brazil: Tapestries [OAS Building, June 28-July 23, 1961]
Enrique Castro-Cid of Chile: Paintings* [OAS Building, July 24-August 16, 1961]
Masks by Héctor Ubertalli [OAS Building, July 24-September 7, 1961]
Maruja Rolando of Venezuela: Paintings* [OAS Building, August 17-September 7, 1961]
Hilda López: Streets and Inlets of Montevideo, Oils* [OAS Building, September 8-24, 1961]
Roberto de Lamonica of Brazil: Engravings [OAS Building, September 19-October 13, 1961]
Guillermo Trujillo of Panama: Paintings* [OAS Building, September 25-October 17, 1961]
Rogelio Polesello of Argentina: Oils and Monotypes* [OAS Building, October 17-November 6, 1961]
Guillermo Wiedemann of Colombia: Oils and Watercolors [OAS Building, November 8-27, 1961]
Jorge Páez of Uruguay: Oils [OAS Building, November 28-December 14, 1961]
Ana María Moncalvo of Argentina: Engravings [OAS Building, December 4, 1961-January 15, 1962]
Young Peruvian Artists: Oils [OAS Building, December 15, 1961-January 8, 1962]

Florencio Garavaglia of Argentina: Oils* [OAS Building, January 9-28, 1962]
Rugs Designed by Artists of the Americas and Executed, Interpreted, and Supervised by Gloria Finn of the United States [OAS Building, January 29-February 14, 1962]
Manuel Jimenez of Peru: Oils, Drawings, Collages, and Gouaches [OAS Building, February 15-March 5, 1962]
Drawings by Lucien Price and Sculptures by Philippe Sterlin of Haiti [OAS Building, February 15-March 12, 1962]
Vicente Forte of Argentina: Oils* [OAS Building, March 12-22, 1962]
Armando Morales of Nicaragua: Oils [OAS Building, March 23-April 22, 1962]
Brazilian Woodcuts from the State of Rio Grande do Sul [OAS Building, April 3-May 3, 1962]
Neo-Figurative Painting in Latin America: Oils [OAS Building, April 13-May 6, 1962]
Manabu Mabe of Brazil: Oils* [OAS Building, May 10-June 3, 1962]
Carlos Granada of Colombia: Oils and Drawings* [OAS Building, June 12-26, 1962]
Mi Pueblo, Photographs by Manuel Carrillo of Mexico [OAS Main Building, June 19-August 1, 1962]
Asilia Guillén of Nicaragua: Oils* [OAS Building, June 29-July 19, 1962]
Anibal Villacís of Ecuador: Paintings* [OAS Building, July 25-August 19, 1962]
Rodolfo Opazo of Chile: Oils and Engravings [OAS Building, August 20-September 10, 1962]
Alfredo Halegua of Uruguay: Sculptures* [OAS Building, September 10-October 7, 1962]
Leonel Góngora of Colombia: Drawings [OAS Building, October 8-25, 1962]
José Manuel Schmill of Mexico: Drawings* [OAS Building, October 8-25, 1962]
Drawings by Roberto Cabrera and Paintings by Marco Augusto Quiroa of Guatemala [OAS Building, October 25-November 17, 1962]
New Directions of Art from South America: Paintings from Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Uruguay  [OAS Building, November 21, 1962-January 7, 1963.  Sponsored by Show Magazine and Kaiser Industries Corporation]
Sergio Castillo of Chile: Sculptures [OAS Building, November 28-December 17, 1962]
Luiz de Carvalho of Brazil: Paintings [OAS Building, December 18, 1962-January 13, 1963]

Amado Aldaraca of Mexico: Paintings* [OAS Building, January 15-February 4, 1963]
Alfredo Sinclair of Panama: Paintings* [OAS Building, February 7-26, 1963]
Anatol Wladyslaw of Brazil: Recent Drawings [OAS Building, February 27-March 18, 1963]
Mane Bernardo of Argentina: Recent Paintings [OAS Building, February 27-March 18, 1963]
Arturo Kubotta of Peru: Paintings and Lithographs* [OAS Building, March 19-April 8, 1963]
Andean Handicrafts by Andea of Bolivia, Under the Direction of Mme. Elena Eleska [OAS Building, April 2-30, 1963]
Primitive Artists of the Americas in Celebration of Pan American Week 1963 [OAS Building, April 15-28, 1963]
[Dándolo Rodríguez Candhales of Uruguay: Drawings [OAS Building, May 1-28, 1963]
Federico Martino of Argentina: Recent Paintings [OAS Building, May 1-20, 1963]
Alberto Brandt of Venezuela* [OAS Building, May 21-June 11, 1963]
Jorge de la Vega of Argentina: Oils* [OAS Building, June 11-July 1, 1963]
Photographs of Brazil by David Zingg.  Original Sculptures by Lygia Clark, Mario Cravo, Agnaldo Dos Santos, and Guiliano Vangi [OAS Building, July 8, 1963]
The Artist as Printmaker I: Jose Luis Cuevas of Mexico [OAS Building Print Gallery, July 16-August 22, 1963]
Manuel Hernández of Colombia: Oils [OAS Building, July 22-August 13, 1963]
Venezuelan Pottery: The Artists, Their Pottery [OAS Building, August 15-September 1, 1963]
Freda of Brazil: Mosaics [OAS Building, September 3-22, 1963]
Mario Pariente Amaro of Uruguay: Oil, Gouches, and Drawings [OAS Building, September 4-31, 1963]
Alfonso Mateus of Colombia: Oils* [OAS Main Building, September 24-October 10, 1963]
Pedro Friedeberg of Mexico: Drawings [OAS Main Building, October 1-27, 1963]
Stefan Strocen of Argentina: Paintings [OAS Main Building, October 11-November 3, 1963]
Artists of Latin America: Photographs by Morton Beebe [October 28-November 25, 1963]
Maria Thereza Negreiros of Colombia and Brazil: Paintings and Drawings* [OAS Building, November 26-December 12, 1963]
Oscar Capistro of Argentina: Oils [OAS Building, December 12, 1963-January 8, 1964]
Leo Vinci of Argentina: Sculptures and Drawings* [OAS Building, December 12, 1963-January 8, 1964]

Contemporary Art of Costa Rica: Paintings and Sculptures Assembled by Grupo 8 of San José [OAS Building, January 10-27, 1964.  Sponsored by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism, LACSA Airline, and ESSO Standard Oil Company]
Victor Chab of Argentina: Oils* [OAS Building, January 28-February 13, 1964]
Osvaldo Romberg of Argentina: Engravings* [OAS Building, January 28-February 13, 1964]
Raúl Valdivieso of Chile* [OAS Building, February 14-March 1, 1964]
The Artist as Printmaker II: Omar Rayo of Colombia [OAS Building, March 2-April 10, 1964]
Nirma Zárate of Colombia: Oils* [OAS Building, March 2-19, 1964]
Lincoln Presno of Uruguay: Tapestries [OAS Building, March 20-April 12, 1964]
Chancay, Neglected Civilization of Potters and Weavers [OAS Building, April 13-May 4, 1964]
The Artist as Printmaker III: Alfredo Da Silva of Bolivia [OAS Building, April 13-May 5, 1964]
Ernesto Deira of Argentina: Oils* [OAS Building, May 4-25, 1964]
Tapestries Designed by Gracia Cutuli and Claudio Segovia of Argentina [OAS Building, May 4-25, 1964]
Nine Contemporary Painters: USA [OAS Building, May 21-June 10, 1964]
Elisa Elvira Zuloaga of Venezuela: Engravings [OAS Building, May 26-June 16, 1964]
Enrique Tábara of Ecuador: Oils* [OAS Building, June 17-July 18, 1964]
Ramón Vergara Grez of Chile: Oils* [OAS Building, July 13-28, 1964]
[Carlos Aitor] Castillo of Peru [OAS Building, July 29-August 13, 1964]
Luís Guzmán Reyes of Chile: Ceramics* [OAS Building, August 18-September 8, 1964]
Constancia Calderón of Panama [OAS Building, September 9-October 4, 1964]
Julio Zachrisson of Panama [OAS Building, September 9-October 4, 1964]
Ignacio M. Beteta of Mexico: Watercolors [OAS Building, October 5-20, 1964]
Luís A. Solari of Uruguay; Drawings, Collages, and Engravings [OAS Building, October 26-November 16, 1964]
The Artist as Printmaker IV: Enrique Grau of Colombia [OAS Building, November 17-December 9, 1964]
Angel Loochkartt of Colombia: Oils [OAS Building, November 17-December 9, 1964]
A Panorama of Cuban Art Abroad [OAS Building, December 11, 1964-January 5, 1965]

René Morón of Argentina: Oils [OAS Building, January 7-25, 1965]
Guillermo Nuñez of Chile: Oils [OAS Building, January 29-February 14, 1965]
Ricardo Machado of Argentina: Oils* [OAS Building, February 16-March 8, 1965]
Efrain Recinos of Guatemala: Oils* [OAS Building, March 9-29, 1965]
Carlos Poveda of Costa Rica: Drawings* [OAS Building, March 29-April 18, 1965]
Rachel Strosberg of Brazil: Etchings [OAS Building, April 1-18, 1965]
Japanese Artists of Brazil [OAS Building, April 1-18, 1965]
Esso Salon of Young Artists [OAS Building, April 21- May 18, 1965]
New Art of Argentina [OAS Building, May 18-June 9, 1965]
Julio Rosado del Valle of Puerto Rico [OAS Building, May 21-June 13, 1965]
Twenty South American Artists from the Second Bienal Americana de Arte [June 15-29, 1965]
Colonial Art of Peru [OAS Building, June 30-July 18, 1965]
Abraham Palatnik of Brazil: Kinetic Effects in Art* [OAS Building, July 12-31, 1965]
Oscar Pantoja of Bolivia [OAS Building, July 20-August 9, 1965]
Carlos González Cañas from El Salvador: Paintings* [OAS Building, August 10-September 1, 1965]
Teresa Casanova: Paintings and Engravings from Venezuela* [OAS Building, September 2-22, 1965]
Juan Downey of Chile [OAS Building, September 23-October 12, 1965]
The Tango: Oils of Carlos Cañas of Argentina [OAS Building, October 13-November 3, 1965]
Lilian Gómez Molina of Argentina: Engravings [OAS Building, October 13-November 3, 1965]
Rafaél Coronel of Mexico: Oils [OAS Building, November 4-23, 1965]
Noé León of Colombia* [OAS Building, November 4-23, 1965]
Emilio Renart of Argentina, Drawings [OAS Building, November 24, 1965-January 4, 1966

Oils by Gastón Orellana of Chile [OAS Building, January 6-26, 1966]
Art of the Americas [OAS Building, January 18-25, 1966]
Milner Cajahuaringa of Peru: Oils* [OAS Building, January 27-February 14, 1966]
Leoncio Sáenz of Nicaragua: Drawings [OAS Building, February 15-March 3, 1966]
Alejandro Aróstegui of Nicaragua [OAS Building, February 15-March 3, 1966]
César Izquierdo of Guatemala [OAS Building, March 4-21, 1966]
Alberto Collie of Venezuela, Sculptures [OAS Building, March 23-April 10, 1966]
Carlos Eduardo Puche of Venezuela: Image-Objects [OAS Building, March 23-April 10, 1966]
New Architecture in Mexico [OAS Building, April 11-May 9, 1966]
Rosina Becker do Valle of Brazil* [OAS Building, May 10-23, 1966]
Aldo [Franceschini] of Argentina* [OAS Building, May 23-June 12, 1966]
Olga Albizu of Puerto Rico [OAS Building, June 13-28, 1966]
Rafael Ferrer of Puerto Rico [OAS Building, June 13-28, 1966]
Giti Neuman of Ecuador [OAS Building, June 29-July 18, 1966]
Carlos Colombino of Paraguay* [OAS Building, July 20-August 22, 1966]
Mexican Prints: University of Guanajuato [OAS Building, August 23-September 13, 1966]
Héctor Navarro of Mexico* [OAS Building, August 23-September 13, 1966]
Mauricio Aguilar of El Salvador: Paintings* [OAS Building, September 16-October 2, 1966]
Manuel and René Pereira of Peru: Sculptures* [OAS Building, September 16-October 2, 1966]
Ernesto Barreda of Chile: Paintings [OAS Building, October 3-19, 1966]
Maria Freire and José Pedro Costigliolo of Uruguay* [OAS Building, October 3-19, 1966]
Venezuelan Painting Today [OAS Building, October 15-November 16, 1966]
Contemporary Art of Paraguay [OAS Building, November 22, 1966-January 3, 1967]

Carmen Gracia of Argentina [OAS Building, January 4-31, 1967]
Berta Guido of Argentina [OAS Building, January 4-31, 1967]
Myra Landau of Brazil [OAS Building, January 24-February 15, 1967]
Wega Nery of Brazil* [OAS Building, January 24-February 15, 1967]
Eduardo Mac Entyre of Argentina* [OAS Building, March 15-April 10, 1967]
Folk Art of Peru [OAS Building, April 13-30, 1967]
Aldo Biglioni of Argentina* [OAS Building, May 1-22, 1967]
Estuardo Maldonado of Ecuador* [OAS Building, May 1-22, 1967]
Dalia Antonina of Brazil [OAS Building, May 23-June 14, 1967]
Raúl Porto of Brazil* [OAS Building, May 23-June 14, 1967]
Arnaldo Coen of Mexico [OAS Building, June 15-July 9, 1967]
Inlays of Amate Bark by Camila Hernández of Mexico* [OAS Building, June 15-July 10, 1967]
Sergio Castillo of Chile [OAS Building, June 21-September 20, 1967]
Maria Señeriz of Puerto Rico: Cardboard Reliefs [OAS Building, July 11-August 7, 1967]
Contemporary Art of Chile [OAS Building, September 18-October 8, 1967]
[Manuel] Chong Neto of Panama: Oils and Drawings* [OAS Building, October 10-29, 1967]
Pérez Celis of Argentina* [OAS Building, October 30-November 19, 1967]
[Juan Carlos] Stekelman of Argentina [OAS Building, October 30-November 19, 1967]
[Jorge] Piñeross of Colombia* [OAS Building, November 16-December 4, 1967]
Edgar Tafur [OAS Building, November 16-December 4, 1967]
Oscar Meraldi of Uruguay [OAS Building, December 5-January 1, 1968]
Fernando Montes of Bolivia [OAS Building, December 5-January 1, 1968]

A Particular Portion of Earth [OAS Building, January 14-27, 1968]
Héctor Borla of Argentina: Drawings [OAS Building, January 26-February 19, 1968]
[Ricardo] Supisiche of Argentina* [OAS Building, January 26-February 19, 1968]
Leopoldo Presas [OAS Building, January 26-February 19, 1968]
José Casals: Photography of Peru [OAS Building, February 20-March 10, 1968]
[Venancio] Shinki of Peru* [OAS Building, February 20-March 10, 1968]
Florida 17 [OAS Building, March 21-30, 1968]
Margaret [Collazo] of Argentina [OAS Building, March 19-April 10, 1968]
Alícia Cajiao of Colombia: Paintings [OAS Building, April 16-28, 1968]
Marlene Hoffman of Colombia: Textiles [OAS Building, April 16-28, 1968]
Tomie Ohtake of Brazil: Oils* [OAS Building, April 29-May 22, 1968]
Carlos Scannapieco of Argentina* [OAS Building, May 24-June 11, 1968]
Handwoven Argentine Carpets with Designs of Argentine Artists by Dandolo and Primi
[OAS Building, May 24-June 12, 1968]
Ricardo Morales of Costa Rica [OAS Building, June 13-29, 1968]
Landscape Architecture in Venezuela by Fernando Tabora and J. Godfrey Stoddart* [OAS Building, July 8-August 23, 1968]
Luís Hernández Cruz and Rafael Villamil of Puerto Rico [OAS Building, July 11-29, 1968]
[Carlos] Belaunzaran of Mexico [OAS Building, August 2-26, 1968]
[Luís] Filcer of Mexico [OAS Building, August 2-26, 1968]
Nelia Licenziato of Argentina* [OAS Building, August 23-September 12, 1968]
Rudy Ayoroa of Bolivia* [OAS Building, September 13-23, 1968]
Paintings, Drawings, Engravings, and Sculptures of Chile [OAS Building, September 18, 1968]
Carlos Dávila of Peru [OAS Building, September 25-October 10, 1968]
[Jorge] Carrasco of Bolivia [OAS Building, October 10-29, 1968]
Lola Fernández of Costa Rica* [OAS Building, October 30-November 20, 1968]
Sonia Ebling* [OAS Building, November 21-December 10, 1968]
Photographs and Objects from Easter Island [OAS Building, November 26, 1968-January 10, 1969]
Sola Franco of Ecuador [OAS Building, December 10, 1968-January 6, 1969]

[Domingo] Parada of Bolivia [OAS Building, January 7-22, 1969]
Alirio Rodríguez of Venezuela [OAS Building, January 23-February 12, 1969]
Osvaldo Borda of Argentina* [OAS Building, February 13-March 5, 1969]
[Julio] Gero of Argentina [OAS Building, February 13-March 5, 1969]
Beatrix Briceño of Panama* [OAS Building, March 6-25, 1969]
[Luís] Herrera Guevara of Chile, 1861-1945 [OAS Building, March 26-April 12, 1969]
Art of the Cuna Indians [OAS Building, April 13-30, 1969]
Tapestries Based on the Mola Designed by Guillermo Trujillo Executed by Oderay Obaldía [OAS Building, April 13-30, 1969]
Carlos Salatino of Argentina* [OAS Building, May 1-22, 1969]
[Masumi] Tsuchimoto of Brazil: Sculptures* [OAS Building, May 27-June 17, 1969]
[Kasuo] Wakabayashi of Brazil: Paintings* [OAS Building, May 27-June 17, 1969]
Gilberto Almeida of Ecuador* [OAS Building, June 18-July 9, 1969]
Views of Ecuador: Photographs by Guillermo Proaño Moreno [OAS Building, June 18-July 9, 1969]
Manuel Cantor of Colombia* [OAS Building, July 14-August 5, 1969]
Fanny Sanín of Colombia [OAS Building, July 14-August 5, 1969]
Carlos Vasquez of Chile* [OAS Building, August 7-31, 1969]
Views of Chile: Photographs by Marcelo Montealegre [OAS Building, August 7-31, 1969]
Dino Aranda of Nicaragua [OAS Building, September 3-25, 1969]
Alberto Teixeira of Brazil* [OAS Building, September 25-October 14, 1969]
[Luís Fernando] Benedit of Argentina* [OAS Building, October 15-November 5, 1969]
Flowers and Butterflies by Luís Crespo of Ecuador [OAS Building, November 6-24, 1969]
José Ricardo Etcheverry of Chile* [OAS Building, November 6-24, 1969]
Ivan Freitas of Brazil* [OAS Building, November 25-December 9, 1969]
Miguel Ocampo of Argentina [OAS Building, December 9, 1969-January 6, 1970]
Patrick Vilaire of Haiti [OAS Building, December 9, 1969-January 10, 1970]

OAS: Organization of American States after 1948
* First solo exhibition in the United States