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Honduras and the Mayans: Photographs [OAS Building, January 18-31, 1950]
[Joaquín] Torres-García and His Workshop* [OAS Building, February 2-March 13, 1950]
Helena Aramburu: Drawings [OAS Building, March 14-31, 1950]
Pablo Burchard, Jr. [OAS Building, April 3-29, 1950]
Gabriel Figueroa, Mexican Cinematographer: Still Pictures from Some of His Films [OAS Building, May 1-31, 1950]
Parks, Gardens, and Public Beaches of the City of Montevideo, Uruguay: Photographs [OAS Building, May 9-20, 1950.  Organized in cooperation with the Section of Housing and City Planning and the Visual Arts Section]
Reynaldo Luza: Portraits [OAS Building, May 24-June 3, 1950]
Simón Arboleda: Caricatures and Drawings* [OAS Building, June 6-30, 1950]
Pedro León: Watercolors of Ecuador [OAS Building, July 3-17, 1950]
Iconography and Bibliography of Popol Vuh [OAS Building, September 13-29, 1950]

Highlights from the Collection of the Peruvian Ambassador, His Excellency Don Fernando Berckemeyer [Opening newly decorated Exhibition Hall, OAS Building, February 14-March 15, 1951]
Arts of Peru [OAS Building, May 7-June 2, 1951]
Two Artists of Guatemala: Roberto Ossaye, Roberto González Goyri [OAS Building, June 5-July 7, 1951]
Martín Fierro: Photographic Interpretation by Arnold Hasenclever [OAS Building, July 9-August 18, 1951]
Samuel Mallo López: Painting, Sculpture [OAS Building, August 13-31, 1951]
Luís Martínez Pedro [OAS Building, September 24-October 20, 1951]
Arturo Pacheco Altamirano* [OAS Building, October 22-November 10, 1951]
Artists of the United States in Latin America [OAS Building, November 19-December 18, 1951]
Carlos Mérida: Paintings and Mural Projects [OAS Building, December 20, 1951-January 16, 1952]

Spanish Influence in the Popular Arts of the Southwest of the United States, A Selection from the Index of American Design [OAS Building, January 23-February 19, 1952]
Alejandro Alonso Rochi*  [OAS Building, February 25-March 10, 1952]
Personalities in the Americas: Photographs by Berestein-Tagle* [OAS Building, March 17-April 12, 1952]
Simón Bolivar and His Time: Fifty-One Miniatures by Arthur Szyk [OAS Building, April 14-May 12, 1952]
Dances and Types of Mexico: Wax Figures by Carmen de Antúnez* [OAS Building, April 15-May 5, 1952.  Exhibition sponsored by the National Institute of Anthropology, Mexico]
The Graphic Works of Orozco [OAS Building, May 15-June 20, 1952]
Enrique Crucet: Paintings [OAS Building, May 20-June 5, 1952]
Ricardo Escoté: Landscapes of Argentina [OAS Building, June 23-July 12, 1952]
Susana Guevara [OAS Building, July 15-August 13, 1952]
Seven Cuban Painters: Bermudez, Carreño, Diago, Martínez Pedro, Orlando, Peláez, Portocarrero [OAS Buidling, August 15-Sepember 20, 1952]
Laguardia: Paintings of Paraguay* [Carmen Fernández de Herrera] [OAS Building, September 22-October 11, 1952]
Tamayo [OAS Building, October 14-November 15, 1952]
[Adolfo] Halty Dubé: Paintings and Stage Design [OAS Building, November 21-December 20, 1952]
Highlights of the Caribbean: Photographs by Albert Greenfield, APSA [OAS Building, December 22, 1952-January 17, 1953]

Pedro Restrepo: Paintings* [OAS Building, January 23-February 14, 1953]
The Art of Brazil: A Photographic Survey in Color by Anita Moore [OAS Building, February 18-March 12, 1953]
Carlos Faz: Paintings and Prints* [OAS Building, March 16-April 11, 1953]
Artists of the Americas, An Exhibition in Commemoration of Pan American Day [OAS Building, April 14-May 5, 1953]
Noemí Mella* [OAS Building, May 6-June 6, 1953]
Fernando de Szyszlo* [OAS Building, June 8-July 4, 1953]
As I See It: Latin America in the Imagination of the Members of the Society of Washington Artists [OAS Building, July 8-August 8, 1953]
Latin America Through the European Eyes: Prints of the Seventeenth, Eighteenth, and Nineteenth Centuries [OAS Building, August 13-September 16, 1953]
Roberto Diago: Oil, Drawing, Scratch-Board, Watercolor, and Projects for Ceramics* [OAS Building, September 17-October 20, 1953]
Flowers of Argentina by Bibí Zogbé [OAS Building, October 21-November 11, 1953]
Ten Artists of Panama [OAS Building, November 12-December 28, 1953]
Bonampak, Mayas of Yesterday and Today, Photographs by G. Gerard [OAS Building, December 29, 1953-January 25, 1954]

Prints and Watercolors by [Francisco] Otta* [OAS Building, February 3-March 6, 1954]
Painters of Venezuela: Abreu, Barrios, Manaure, Jaimes Sanchez, Vigas [OAS Building, March 12-April 12, 1954]
Agustín Fernández: Fifteen Paintings* [OAS Building, April 20-May 16, 1954]
Landscape Architecture in Brazil: Roberto Burle Marx* [OAS Building, May 18-June 12, 1954.  Circulated after under the auspices of the Smithsonian Institution]
Impressions of the U.S.A. by Haitian Painter: Antonio Joseph [OAS Building, June 16-July 12, 1954]
José Luís Cuevas: Drawings* [OAS Building, July 14-August 16, 1954]
Ivan Serpa: Collage and Painting* [OAS Building, August 17-September 16, 1954]
[Clarence] Mundy of Chile: Oils and Drawings* [OAS Building, September 17-October 6, 1954]
Birds of Argentina by Salvador Magno [OAS Building, October 7-30, 1954.  Exhibition presented thanks to the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service]
[José Antonio] Velasquez of Honduras* [OAS Main Building, November 9-December 6, 1954]
Arturo Reque Meruvia* [OAS Building, December 8-27, 1954]

Alejandro Obregón of Colombia* [OAS Building, January 18-February 14, 1955]
Special Exhibition of Paintings by Lois Mailou Pierre-Noël in Honor of the President of Haiti and Madame Magloire [OAS Building, January 28, 1955]
Matta of Chile: Oils and Drawings [OAS Main Building, February 16-March 15, 1955]
Manuel Rendón of Ecuador* [OAS Building, March 16-April 11, 1955]
Art of the Americas in Celebration of Pan American Week [OAS Building, April 12-May 3, 1955.  Selection from the Collection of the Fine Arts Department of the International Business Machines Corporation]
Jorge Larco of Argentina* [OAS Building, May 5-June 3, 1955]
Oswaldo Guayasamín of Ecuador [OAS Building, June 6-July 5, 1955]
Enrique Echeverría of Mexico* [OAS Building, July 6-August 6, 1955]
Irma Díaz of Mexico [OAS Building, July 6-August 6, 1955]
Luce Carpi Turnier of Haiti * [OAS Building, August 10-September 9, 1955]
Two Engravers of Brazil: Fayga Ostrower, Arthur Luiz Piza [OAS Building, September 12-28, 1955]
Enrique Camino Brent of Peru [OAS Building, October 6-22, 1955]
Eudoro Silvera of Panama* [OAS Building, November 16-December 17, 1955]
Artists of the United States in Latin America II [OAS Building, December 19, 1955-January 14-1956]

Edgar Negret of Colombia: Sculptures [OAS Building, January 20-February 16, 1956]
Chilean Art Exhibition [OAS Building, January 25-February 15, 1956.  Organized by the Institute of Plastic Arts of the University of Chile]
Vicente Martin of Uruguay* [OAS Building, February 21-March 17, 1956]
Liturgical Art from Canada [OAS Building, March 21-April 10, 1956]
[Enrique] Zañartu of Chile: Oils and Engravings [OAS Building, April 12-May 19, 1956]
Venezuelan Birds by Kathleen Deery de Phelps [OAS Building, April 27-May 31, 1956.  Exhibition sponsored by the Creole Petroleum Corporation]
Hugo Consuegra of Cuba* [OAS Building, May 21-June 19, 1956]
Amanda de León of Venezuela [OAS Building, June 20-July 19, 1956]
José Echave of Uruguay* [OAS Building, July 10-August 7, 1956]
Two Artists from Mexico: Fernando Belain, Geles Cabrera* [OAS Building, August 9-September 10, 1956]
Nacho López, Photographer of Mexico* [OAS Building, August 28-October 4, 1956]
Eduardo Ramírez of Colombia: Paintings [OAS Building, September 11-October 8, 1956]
René Portocarrero and Raúl Milián of Cuba [OAS Main Building, October 10-November 5, 1956]
Fifteen Painters of Chile [OAS Building, November 14-December 11, 1956]
Aloisio Magalhães of Brazil* [OAS uilding, November 23, 1956-January 5, 1957]
Ignacio Gómez Jaramillo [OAS Building, December 12, 1956-January 8, 1957]

Sarah Grilo and [José Antonio] Fernández Muro of Argentina* [OAS Building, January 14-February 15, 1958]
Fine Arts of the Caribbean [OAS Main Building, February 6-24, 1957.  Exhibition sponsored by the Alcoa Steamship Company]
Artists of Nicaragua [OAS Building, February 14-March 21, 1957]
Artists of Puerto Rico [OAS Building, March 2-April 4, 1957.  Exhibition sponsored by the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture and the Riverside Museum, NY]
Portrait by [Luis Alberto de] Sangroniz of Chile [OAS Building, March 25-April 10, 1957]
Fernando Botero of Colombia* [OAS Building, April 17-May 15, 1957]
Julia Díaz and Raúl Elas of El Salvador* [OAS Building, May 21-June 19, 1957]
Enamels by Hugo Marín of Chile* [OAS Building, May 21-June 30, 1957]
Three Painters of Peru [Alberto Dávila, Sérvulo Gutiérrez, Enrique Kleiser] [OAS Building, June 21-July 15, 1957]
María Luisa of Bolivia: Paintings [OAS Building, July 16-August 19, 1957]
Ivo Babarovic of Chile* [OAS Building, August 7-September 18, 1957]
Leopoldo Novoa of Uruguay [OAS Building, August 20-September 11, 1957]
Antonio Prado of Brazil* [OAS Building, September 12-October 17, 1957]
Architecture in Venezuela [OAS Building, September 20-October 20, 1957]
Alfredo Bigatti of Argentina: Drawings and Monotypes* [OAS Building, October 22-November 15, 1957]
Raquel Forner of Argentina* [OAS Building, October 22-November 15, 1957]
Humberto Jaimes Sanchez of Venezuela* [OAS Building, November 19-December 11, 1957]
Caricatures and Cartoons from Cuba [OAS Building, November 19-December 17, 1957.  Exhibition organized by the Cuban Association of Caricaturists]
Victor Carvacho of Chile [OAS Building, December 19, 1957-January 13, 1958]
Carlos Páez Vilaró of Uruguay*[OAS Building, December 23, 1957-January 20, 1958]

Aldemir Martins of Brazil* [OAS Building, January 23-February 18, 1958]
The Prophets by Aleijadinho Photographed by Hans Mann [OAS Building, January 23-February 18, 1958]
Paintings and Drawings by Enrique Grau of Colombia [OAS Building, March 14-April 11, 1958]
Engravings by Guillermo Silva of Colombia [OAS Building, March 14-April 11, 1958]
Oswaldo Vigas of Venezuela: Paintings* [OAS Building, April 15-May 14, 1958]
Oils and Drawings by Jorge Camacho of Cuba* [OAS Building, May 15-June 16, 1958]
Hugo Rodríguez of Cuba [OAS Building, May 15-June 16, 1958]
The Cuzco School of Painting. A Selection [OAS Building, June 17-July 15, 1958]
[Lajos] Szalay of Argentina: Ink Drawings* [OAS Building, July 17-August 14, 1958]
Gilberto Aceves Navarro of Mexico* [OAS Building, September 19-October 13, 1958]
Rugs of Ecuador Designed by Dr. Isidoro Kaplan [OAS Building, October 16-November 16, 1958]
Carybé of Brazil [Héctor Bernabó] [OAS Building, October 16-November 17, 1958]
Armando Villegas of Peru* [OAS Building, November 18-December 15, 1958]
Alicia Tafur of Colombia: Sculptures and Ceramics [OAS Building, November 18-December 15, 1958]
Modern Ceramics from Latin America [OAS Building, December 16, 1958-January 7, 1959]

[Servando] Cabrera Moreno of Cuba* [OAS Building, January 12-February 5, 1959]
Maria Bonomi of Brazil [OAS Building, January 12-February 5, 1959]
[Rodolfo] Abularach of Guatemala* [OAS Building, February 6-March 1, 1959]
Iberê Camargo of Brazil [OAS Building, March 2-17, 1959]
Joaquín Chiñas of Mexico* [OAS Building, March 18-April 13, 1959]
Alberto Gironella of Mexico* [OAS Building, March 18-April 13, 1959]
Contemporary Drawings from Latin America [OAS Main Building, April 13-May 19, 1959.  Selected by José Gómez Sicre and Annemarie Pope, circulated after by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service]
Antônio Henrique [Amaral] of Brazil* [OAS Building, April 21-May 11, 1959]
Elsa Gramcko of Venezuela* [OAS Building, May 13-June 14, 1959]
Angel Hurtado of Venezuela* [OAS Building, May 13-June 14, 1959]
Maria Moreno Kiernan of Argentina: Engravings [OAS Main Building, June 16-July 13, 1959.  Exhibition organized by Galería Sudamericana, NY]
Joaquín Roca Rey of Peru [OAS Building, June 16-July 13, 1959]
Miguel Diomede of Argentina: Paintings* [OAS Main Building, July 14-August 12, 1959]
Eduardo Moll of Peru: Paintings [OAS Building, August 13-September 6, 1959]

OAS: Organization of American States after 1948
* First solo exhibition in the United States