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Territories and Subjectivities

Contemporary Art from Argentina
Artist panel: Wednesday, April 2 at 6pm
Opening reception: Thursday, April 3 at 6pm

April 3 - July 7, 2014
Tuesday - Sunday | 10 AM - 5 PM

AMA ׀ Art Museum of the Americas
201 18th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006

Curated by: Fernando Farina and Andrés Labaké

A panel featuring four Territories and Subjectivities artists and local Argentine artist Sol Aramendi will take place on Wednesday, April 2 at 6pm. Moderated by Ranald Woodaman, Exhibitions and Public Programs Director of the Smithsonian Latino Center, this conversation will also provide a preview of the exhibition. The panel is co-organized with the Smithsonian Latino Center.  

The OAS AMA | Art Museum of the Americas and the Ministry of Culture of the Nation of Argentina present Territories and Subjectivities: Contemporary Art from Argentina, an exhibition featuring 33 innovative artists and co-curated by Fernando Farina and Andrés Labaké.  This exhibition presents a vigorous panorama of fresh trends from various regions of the country, furthering AMA’s mission of supporting and promoting the arts of OAS member states, providing a forum for the exchange of ideas surrounding current social issues examined, in this case, through photographic dialogue.

This exhibition examines the very notion of territory not as an inherent condition of the world that we share, but as something that humans define for themselves through subjective means.  Subjectivity is shown to exist out of the impossibility of objectivity.  As a result, any given subject is decorated with constructed symbolism. Space creates a structural void, representing potential for filling it with human constructions.

The ideas of territory and of subjectivity are interconnected.  Identities of boundaries and belonging are formed through affiliation and familiarity.  Art itself often appears in terms of issues dealing with the borders and limits of speech and the limitations of written or spoken language.  This exhibition brings together artists of varying backgrounds and ages, and at different stages of their careers.  Each of Argentina’s 23 provinces are represented.  

The subjectivities that are constructed through these artists’ works are collective.  The idea of identity as communal reveals singularities  as well as points of coincidence or divergence among different approaches and points of view.    

Fernando Farina and Andrés Labaké are board members of the Fondo Nacíonal de las Artes.

Photo at top of page:
Alejandro Chaskielberg
"Roland Paiva's Radiant Glow," 2009
From the series La Creciente (High Water)
111 x 141 cm

Photo to left of text:
Julieta Anaut
"Ofelia in the Crystalline Stream," 2008
From the series: Ofrendas (Offerings)
Digital photograph
80 x 80 cm