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El Instante Siguiente: Dia y noche en Buenos Aires
The Moment After: Day and Night in Buenos Aires

An exhibit at the Terrace Level Gallery of the OAS General Secretariat Building

Curated by Marcelo de la Fuente and Fabián Goncalves

November 8, 2010 – November 16, 2011

As part of FotoWeek DC (November 6‐13), the Art Museum of the Americas announces the opening of El Instante Siguiente (The Moment After): Dia y noche en Buenos Aires (Day and Night in Buenos Aires), an exhibition of contemporary photography of Argentina, curated by Marcelo de la Fuente and Fabián Goncalves. This exhibition commemorates the bicentennial of the independence of Argentina.

The works of the eight photographers represented capture scenes from everyday life, evoking the course of a single day in Buenos Aires. The result is a series of images that communicate desolate spaces, shared loneliness, hidden details of private lives, ghostly hallways, shadowy characters, and daily rituals and ceremonies, presenting an overall enigmatic and ambiguous portrait of a city.

Pablo Carrera Oser details private lives, turning the viewer into a voyeur, while Raúl Flores reveals the hidden contents of everyday life, highlighting what is swept under people’s beds.

Rosana Schoijett’s Crossroads series captures the apparent stopping of time, presenting a raw view of objects waiting for a continuation that never comes, while Nicolás Trombetta’s pieces seem to freeze moments of a shared loneliness of two people. Adrián Salguero’s work takes control of desolate spaces from a critical distance.

Guillermo Ueno and Paulo Fast’s photographs take us into the private family space, where objects appear to be recently abandoned, and where people seem to be in a moment that hangs like a languid conversation.

Diego Grünstein’s work elaborates on social situations and comm. Characteristics of certain collectives engaged in public activities: drama performances, school ceremonies, a pause at work.

As a whole, these works offer a curious glimpse into the lives of the city and its inhabitants during the course of a day that could be just like any other day, but is also entirely singular.

Pablo Carrera Oser
Paulo Fast
Diego Grünstein
Rosana Schoijett
Guillermo Ueno