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Sculpture in Four Dimensions

July 10, 2004 – September 30, 2004

This is not the first time that the Art Museum of the Americas has sought to encourage a dialogue between artists from places throughout the Western Hemisphere. Each experience that we have had in this vein demonstrates how artists continue to fine-tune their language to make sense of the circumstances of the moment, and above all, that the imagination is a repository of boundless possibilities, stretching beyond continental and political boundaries.

Making our final selections from hundreds of impressive entries was indeed a challenging task. Our priority was to look for innovativeness in language and materials, excellence in execution, and overall coherence of the project. In spite of (or perhaps as a result of) the broad scope of aesthetics found in the final body of works, there are certain constants that sew the exhibition together as a whole. Traces of the past in the present, the recuperation of materials and memory are among the themes that seem to be on the minds of most (if not all) of these artists.

Particularly striking amongst these works is the multiplicity of materials – such as roots, plastic, earth, and salt – that are converged in abstract or minimalistic ways. Maybe the artists mistrust traditional sculptural weight, or maybe they are just onto something in using the natural light and shadowing effects that the space lends to their pieces.

Regardless of intention, this body of work results in harmonies when placed together, ones that may be distant from traditional canons of aesthetic beauty, but is, at the same time, equally powerful and striking in their innovation and execution.


Grimanesa Amoros
Carolyn Bernstein
Margaret Boozer
Lynden Cline
Chas Colburn
Connie Fleres
Malcolm Hally
Edmond Hardy
Rodrigo Idrovo
Susana Jaime Mena
Carolyn Jean
Katherine Kavanaugh
Michael Little
David Mayer
Carolina Mayorga
Lezlie Milson
Dee Dee Moore
Lika Mutal
Sharyn O'Mara
Bridget Parlato
Erin Root
Soledad Salame
Carolina Sardi
Jeong Eun Shim
Lucy Norman Spencer
Lucia Warck Meister