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ABCDF: Portrait of a City

An alphabetical journey through Mexico City

April 15, 2004 – June 6, 2004

“The inhabitants of one of the largest cities in the world are exposed to inexhaustible stimuli of all kinds. In the presence of such a vast amount of fortuitous and random information, the free and playful association of images triggered the decision to publish a book on the experience of living the Federal District.

One day the title came to us: ABCDF. Immediately thereafter the project became a dictionary, a repertory of images that referred to Mexico City, organized from A to Z. In the way, we began to build a list of words that, after several months, numbered more than 900. The artists, photographers, and writers that became involved in the project began to add their ideas to this extensive body of work, which gradually found its definitive form.

This project is a collective exercise in discovery. It is an attempt to understand the differing attachments and mysterious attributes that this city contains, as well as the intimate and affectionate experiences that it produces in its peoples. More than glorifying or denigrating the city, the intention was to explore what it means to live in an urban center of these dimensions. Although, the photographs, paintings, prints, engravings, videos, short films, animations, digital images, sounds, texts and everyday objects contain a personal viewpoint, they also contribute to creating a collective visual presence…”

-Cristina Faesler

More information of the book, ABCDF, available here