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Life and Miracles of the Invisible Man

Artwork by Eduardo Tokeshi

October 3, 2003 – October 31, 2003

AMA | OAS Gallery
OAS Main Building
17th Street, NW (Corner of Constitution Ave.)
Washington, DC 20006

Born in Lima, Peru in 1960, Eduardo Tokeshi began exhibiting regularly at the age of 26, showing paintings, drawings, and sculptures at various museums and galleries throughout Latin America. In the mid-1990s, he began exhibiting installations based on the life of the “invisible man.”

In one piece, a grey suit on a wooden hanger is completely covered in silver Milagros, the objects that are traditionally offered to a favorite saint as a reminder of the petitioner’s particular need.

In another piece, a dark suit is decorated with little plastic toy soldiers. The bright yellow, blue, orange, and green of the army men provide a striking contrast of the simplicity of the suit as well as to the face that they are meant to be soldiers engaged in battle.

The invisible man series features several suits, complete with white plaster hands and feet, adorned in a variety of ways. Polaroids of the invisible man in various environments are aligned along the walls. Tokeshi allows viewers to investigate for themselves the identities of the invisible man.