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Recent Works

Paintings by Uruguayan artist Marcelo Legrand

April 24, 2001 – June 1, 2001

AMA | OAS Gallery
OAS Main Building
17th Street, NW (Corner of Constitution Ave.)
Washington, DC 20006

Marcelo Legrand uses oil and acrylic to create huge dramatic canvasses, which are clearly influenced by abstract expressionism. His art shows a skillful use of both technique and color.

 In this opportunity the public will have a chance to see some of his recent works in which one can trace the influence of Willem de Kooning or Franz Kline, nevertheless Marcelo Legrand’s powerful compositions are a rare blend between the passion characteristic of expressionism and the skillful treatment of drawing techniques. Legrand’s work is not coy, on the contrary, it is impetuous, and it demands observation by the public with determination and fervor.

Legrand devoted the first years of his career to master the drawing technique. In 1987 he won a scholarship to study etching in Lucca, Italy with Luis Camnitzer, a renowned Uruguayan artist and theorist. Legrand was also invited to show his works at the Museo de Arte Contemoráneo de Caracas (Venezuela), where he stayed for three years and had numerous exhibitions. He returned to Uruguay in 1995 to devote himself entirely to his art. Ever since Legrand has been working steadily, mastering different techniques, and has become one of the most important young figures in contemporary Uruguayan art. Legrand has participated in numerous exhibitions both nationally and internationally, such as the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Caracas, Feria de Arte,  Galería K, Miami Art Fair, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Montevideo, Centro de Exposiciones del Palacio Municipal, Montevideo (Uruguay), Art from Uruguay at Union Station, Corcoran College of Art + Design, and the Museo de las Américas de San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The Art Museum of the Americas would like to acknowledge the assistance of the Uruguay Cultural Foundation for the Arts.